Vitamins C.6.20

I have been feeling of late the need for vitamins. So I trollied off to the Pharmacists to find some bottled vitamins. Being in the sway of things healthy I decided to look into natural vitamins and although I already knew most of the information it was a great reminder for me to rehash.

Natural vitamins are in our daily diet provided we look at our diet in a balanced way. I have never been one to strictly adhere to a certain method of eating favouring balance.

The little reminder I realized I needed was that if I ate a variety of foods I would include everything I need rather than reaching for a bottle of pills.

This has been advocated many times by many different people but sometimes we need a little reminder to eat as much as possible healthy.

Vegetables, milk, eggs and fruits will supply a lot of what we need and since reminding myself of this I have noticed in the couple of days I have paid more attention to what I eat I have noticed a marked improvement. I still like my treats now and then but I have decided that if I eat sensibly then those little side tracks are okay.

Be sensible about what you eat. Diets and pills are not necessary when you take the time to include a variety in your diet. This is not medical advice but rather a dash of common sense.

Happy Celeritism


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