Harassment C.6.16

What is the measure of harassment? I think from a lay person understanding it is when a person makes constant verbal attacks at another person.

A woman can be constantly called fat or unattractive from a partner and that would be harassment.

Harassment is not limited to partners but also friends and sadly even parents.

Harassment is a negative comment which is repeated. The repeat does not need to be the same sentence but rather constant negative comments.

“Could you be that stupid” – “Did you do something dumb again” – “Why can’t you get things right?” and so on.

Additionally it could be subtle harassment. “Hey honey don’t you think you are putting on a bit too much weight?” In this situation it is not what is said but how it is said – with a dose of sarcasm.

Do you give out negative comments? Do you receive negative comments, regularly?

If you give out negative comments then perhaps it is time to take an account of your actions. If you are on the receiving end of hurtful comments then it is time to speak up and make it clear that you will no longer accept hurtful criticism. And if it is someone you can walk away from then do so. Life is too short to be on the receiving end of harassment.

Happy Celeritism


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