Wealth C.6.12

Wealth is an interesting monetary concept and one I am glad I don’t play in. I imagine it would be wonderful to be wealthy and famous. It would be luxurious to own a huge home and go anywhere any time and not think about money.

I don’t quite know where I am heading here because I started off thinking wealth is not important and then I typed how unimportant having money is with a big house and so on and figured half wealth would be okay. Anyway I must get back on track because I am not wealthy but I am content that I do not live in a world of stress and constant worry. I don’t need a huge house because it would mean it would be too big to clean or to trust someone is not cleaning and stealing.

I think happiness in a different way is better. I like the idea I can pay my bills, go out when I want and not feel stressed about anything major.

Simplicity is the key and if you are like me and have an average lifestyle well I think we have it better because in the end when we die we can’t take our wealth with us.

Enjoy the moment.

Happy Celeritism


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