ISIS Rise C.6.8

Fear is a dreadful thing and there are many things out there which cause this deep emotion. The rise of violence and the rise of injustice begin the line.

The threat of instability for a nation is sickening to say the least. And the rise of ISIS is certainly creating a lot of concern.

If power is to be gained with the use of weapons, murder and abuse then it will never be for anyone’s benefit.

For all you young men and women who are seeking adventure and romanticise the idea of joining a world of upheaval please look a little deeper.

For some reason ISIS has had the ability to draw the attention of people around the world to join them. The people who have been drawn to this attention are failing to recognise the danger it calls.

If a promise sounds too good to be true then it is – too good to be true and not be true at all.

If you feel discontent with your life and you seek adventure, then there are many choices out there – not ISIS.

I do not subscribe to any belief system because whether it is physical or emotional control – neither is healthy.

There are many alternatives to satisfy the needs of life. Sport is a great alternative. Travel is another good idea or simply taking a hobby or study class.

If you feel isolated or alone reach into a different direction away from the lure of false promises and violence.

There is a beautiful world to explore and a countless number of fun activities to enjoy. Don’t be blinded by false promises and don’t be blinded by false romantic ideas of a better life.

Happy Celeritism


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