Professional Jealousy C.6.7

Rivalry born from jealousy can be spawn from any field. It could be a hairdresser suggesting your previous cut was unacceptable to an author who criticizes another writer for poor work.

Real Estate agents get very touchy if you compare them to another colleague. And my favourite is the doctor who criticizes another diagnosis.

I find the lot amusing to say the least.

On the other hand I admire and feel more comfortable with a professional who acknowledges the good work of a rival. I also admire the person who can by past someone else’s mistakes particularly if they are trivial or serve no purpose and pay attention to what is needed.

Professionals and lay people alike make errors or misjudgements. It would be wonderful if everyone is perfect but no one is.

I would rather deal with the problem or concern rather than hash over what someone else has done. Stuff happens and it is the mature and understanding person who doesn’t take advantage of the situation.

Always do your best in life, be it simple or professional and know we all make the little slip ups now and then because that is how it is.

Happy Celeritism


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