Opinions C.6.3

Everyone has an opinion. Even some of you who are happy to go along with the flow will often have deep inside you an opinion.

It is because of opinions people clash. We clash because what we hold near and dear to us we treasure and protect.

When it comes to strong opinions everyone has these also. Everyone is entitled to their opinions whether they are strong or natural.

It is opinions which push the boundaries of science forward. It is opinions that steer inventions and it is opinions which open doors for adventure.

Nurture your opinion and never fear if you are alone in them because of the greatest discoveries, inventions and science innovations have come from a single and isolated and often clashed opinion.

Be individual, hold your opinion high and always keep your ear and senses to the debate. Because if you do decide to change your opinion then it is because you decided so and we are also entitled to change opinions as well as hold steadfast to our original opinion.

Happy Celeritism


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