Domestic Home Violence C.5.30

It is a sad realization but many of those people who swing violence think it is warranted.

I spoke with a woman who inflicted violence on her husband, now her ex. She told me she had every right to hurt her ex husband because he had a fling with another woman. It was hard to understand why she thought violence was the only way to sort their marriage.

I explained to her that violence was not the answer and perhaps talking could achieve much more.

She was insisted she was only violent because of her husband’s behaviour and could not understand that violence was just that – violence.

Too often it is thought violence was only at the hands of men but sadly violence is also committed by women.

There is no need for violence regardless of the story.

No one has the right to hurt another human being regardless of the fault. When there is a disagreeable situation learn to say your peace and then walk away. If a man has an affair with another woman than obviously he was not as committed to his marriage. Therefore a few disapproving words and a gracious exit is much better than violence.

Happy Celeritism


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