Noise C.5.25

This is an odd topic but a curious one. I have come to a point where I don’t notice noise unless it is uncharacteristic loud or different.

I was in bed last night and found myself listening to night noise. Night noise is so different from day noise. I could hear the traffic from the main road which is several blocks away very clearly. I could distinguish trucks and the occasional bike.

I realised that in the day I blocked out most noise but in the dead of the night while in bed I began to pay attention to the noise and realised the difference between day and night noises.

We make noise as we go about our daily business. Our quiet industry as it seems is very noisy so much so it quietens considerably at night.

Noise is a part of life and unless we choose to live out in the country then noise is a part of our existence.

I love the sounds of the birds and I love the sounds of the winds and rain and in all we live in an orchestral world of sounds.

Happy Celeritism


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