Custody of Children C.5.18

Why deny custody right for children? More and more today one parent is removing their children from the other parent. There are many excuses for this but mostly it is fuelled by hatred for the other person.

It is very sad because the other parent does suffer greatly and the ones who end up suffering the most are the children.

Children do no understand the hatred that manifests between couples and often become the sacrificial pawn over the separation.

If these parents truly have unconditional love for their children then they would allow visitations and time with the other partner/parent.

This phenomenon is happening as much with the fathers as it is with the mothers and all it causes is a torn relationship for the children.

If you truly love your child/children then don’t be so dam selfish and share them with the other parent who does love them as well.

In difficult circumstances children suffer enough but to rape them of their other parent is wrong.

Can we start and make this world a better place by starting with the family and recognizing that children have feelings and emotions towards both parents.

Happy Celeritism


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