Strong Opinions C.5.17

Are you surrounded by people with strong opinions? It is difficult to object to someone who insists you do things their way.

I find it rather over bearing to listen to someone say you must do it their way and there is no getting away from it when they insist.

Even when you agree then walk away and do your own thing they come back and haunt you and make you feel bad about not taking their advice.

If you are one of those demanding and strong opinion makers perhaps it would be a good idea to step back a bit and let other people make their own mistakes. Mistakes are not a big deal but what they do say is that you had a choice and I think when making a mistake during a choice it is not such a bad feeling after all but one of strength.

So if you are at the end of an over bearing person insisting on you doing things their way, be polite, nod your head and then do it your way. Unless of course what they say makes sense but even so – gather opinions then sit back and make your own informed choice.

Don’t be bullied by strong opinions.

Happy Celeritism


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