Exotic Names C.5.15

I am fascinated by the many exotic names like Apple and so on for kids. It is amazing how names become locked into certain generations and from certain societies.

Biblical names have always been a fascination and continue to resurface amongst the religiously influenced. Then there are the European influenced names and the very English as in British type names.

About two generations back the easy going names like Mary and John played a remarkable place in society.

But today names range from anything from a fruit to a plant to an instrument of anything that becomes a variation of an old name. It is really quite interesting.

Many unruly names have been banned in certain places like Adolf Hitler for example but that hasn’t stopped people spilling out names which for the child have had to live with it for the rest of their lives – like Marygoround and Goddammit. Yes it is amazing how some parents are thoughtless when looking for a name.

So if you have a simple and easy going name be thankful it is not something to be ashamed of and if your parents were the arty type and have given you a one off name then enjoy the individualistic nature of it and if your parents gave you a name which is unforgiveable then for a small fee you can change it at Births Deaths and Marriages. Remember parents have moments too.

Happy Celeritism


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