Enemies C.4.21

There is no getting away from it everyone has the ability to make enemies. I don’t think anyone is immune. We can rub people the wrong way or have an outright fall out.

The fact remains it would be difficult to find someone who is perfect and without fault and without a dislike from another person. Enemy and hatred is an ugly thing but it is an emotion which balances us with the positive side of humanity.

Making enemies is purely a clash in personalities. Even in the mix of war the word enemy is very strong. In this case the enemy is a clash in ideals.

Having an enemy or enemies is part of life. It would be improbable to boost there are perfect people without enemy.

Having enemies does not mean you have a fault but rather you clash with someone else’s ideals.

Enemies are a part of life and it is how the situation is handled rather than the problem.

Happy Celeritism


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