Soldiers C.4.19

War is one concept I will never accept. I am aware of the feeling of protecting one’s country but physically injuring and murdering to do so is feral.

Soldiers who boldly go off to fight a war rarely come home the same. They become different and affected by the trauma thrown upon them. Very often war is caused to appease leaders who lack the ability to negotiate.

It is time we aim for peace. It is time to recognize that donating your life to war is an abuse beyond explanation.

I am against war and I do not subscribe or accept any valid reason for its existence. I am also totally aware that war has been a fixture of civilization and that Kings and Queens came about because of winning wars. Religion has flourished under war.

As a Celeritist I only subscribe to peace, knowledge and negotiation. Perhaps it is a dream but I think if we put our minds to it – it can be a reality.

It is time we stop destroying the lives of soldiers and work toward a solution to our differences.

It is time we stop wars from destroying the lives of innocents and work towards understanding none of this is truly necessary.

Soldiers are pawns and they pay the ultimate price with their lives.

Peace is the only solution.
Happy Celeritism


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