Live in the Moment C.4.18

This is the Moment. Right now, in this moment – experience living. It seems a silly thing to say but too often our mind is on events in the past be it the night before the week before or thinking about what we will do.

Many of us fail to live right now. My favourite living in the moment is eating cake. I enjoy, I love to savour eat bite. I love to sit in a café in a great spot where I can gaze out and watch the world. Even more so if I am by the sea eating cake and having tea.

When I am in the moment I like to think of nothing only the enjoyment of living and being me.

Each day put a moment aside to be in the moment. A time when you don’t think of yesterday or planning tomorrow but instead enjoying what you are doing in the moment. It is refreshing – try it.

Happy Celeritism


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