Angry People and Rage C.4.15

Yesterday I witnessed an angry outburst in a restaurant. This display of anger was embarrassing to watch. As I tried to piece together the issue it became clear to me it was more about the uncontrollable behaviour of the individual rather than the problem.

What makes people explode over something trivial?

I suppose this is the source of rage whether it is road rage or supermarket rage or something else.

Some people cannot control themselves and it is sad and uncomfortable to watch.

Is there a solution besides popping pills?

Self control is something to be worked at. It is not a matter of acceptance but rather of diligence. Too often the victim of any sort of rage is innocent and is unaware they are causing anxiety.

Stuff happens – it is the nature of humanity but being aware is the first step.

We need to purposely keep respect of our behaviour. Patients and diligence with a dash of gracious behaviour can go a long way.

So should you feel the urge to explode then move away from the situation – take several deep breaths and appreciate you are alive in a beautiful world. See happiness and see beauty.

And if you see a situation fuming make the effort to calm the situation down.

Happy Celeritism


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