What will the Future think of Us? So, Let’s give our future a Message.


We are curious about our past and delight in trying to understand ancient symbolism. But what about our future, what will they think of us? For sure we could be accused of many outragious activities. Did we worship something? And what was it? Movie stars!

Our history of violence and the many things we believe in, would cause fascination. I do hope our future will be clean and easy rather than destroyed and fragmented.

Our past is fascinating and there is no doubt a very advanced society existed. The pyramids are not the result of a stupid society. But sadly information was lost from that time. All is left are writings in the form of pictures and so on.

Think about it, if such an advanced society could be left without explanation, leaving us to guess, then we too could be in the same situation. We have technology, computers and information storage but what if something huge happened and that information is destroyed.

This is not a story of a dooms day or end of the world thing, no this is about evolution and the natural path this planet travels. A huge meteorite could wipe out enough information leaving fragments of civilization to have our future wonder in marvel of how we lived.

Ancient Egypt only left fragments of information and one book that did survive has screwed up numerous people. Oh I am talking about the bible which can be traced back to the seventh century BCE. That book only shows wars and infiltrations, murders and disasters. If it did represent history it was probably only a pocket of antiquity.

We are so diverse we could definitly screw up the thinking of the future. I wonder what would survive?

How deep can you dig a hole?

I am suggesting a ‘Time Capsule’. This will be a message to the future. Do not dig in a place where it can be opened too early, we want this to last a thousand or more years. A legacy of you, of us, of now.

Are you building a house. Place a time capsule under the foundations before the cement is poured, deep in the ground. Remember when scientists do digs they go below the surface of buildings, they look for remnants. I’m sure you can think of long term places.

The capsule should be of a metal to last the course of time. Like when they found the scrolls in jars inside the cave – called the Dead Sea Scrolls. These scrolls were time capsules hidden away for two thousand years. Use a writing material, like cloth or stone or even metal for your message. We don’t know what technology will be like in the future so a USB may not be suitable.

I cannot tell you what to write and to place inside the capsule but to me I would try my hand at sewing using cloth and thread to tell my story. Even if the threads become thin, I would use colours so it can be traced. This task could take a long time to tell my story but then I think it would be better than pen which could fade.

I could suggest you talk a bit about yourself, and then add the world as you see it. Add some fun stuff so the future will see we have a sense of humour. You could leave a book, one which means a lot to you. The capsule or container you use can be of any size. You could try to leave artwork which represents you or your world. Use material you think will last over time. Hopefully being contained in a metal or likewise container should preserve it for you.

We will never know the result but what we will know is we have left a part of ourselves for the future to know. And perhaps after a lifetime of normality you suddently become famous in say, two thousands years in the future. Our writing may have changed and the use of pictures like the Egyptians could be a good form of communication. Share your ideas.

The concept is good, give it some thought and fine tune how to put it into action.

To the future…

Happy Celeritism




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