Guns are an object which on their own have no power. Guns don’t kill – people using guns kill. In America in particular the respect for using guns seems to be a broad circle. People are more concerned with their rights rather than the rights of the people who have become or will become victims of gun users.
In war torn areas of the East guns have played a murderous part in removing the rights from the recipient of gun users.
While gun users march for their rights, it seems they fail to see the rights of people who have lost their lives because of these rights.
Everyone has the right to be protected and more so innocent people who have had to put up with gun spinning idiots. Animals alike are subject to the idiots of hunters who consider killing innocent animals a sport.
There is no place and no need for guns. It is obvious, in the countries that sport guns freely that equally gun misuse is very high. No one needs a gun. Too many innocent people have been murdered because people are paranoid about having guns.
If gun shooting is so important, then leave it as a sport on the gun range. However in recent news a young 9yr old murdered her instructor at the gun range. Is this worth it?
Violence needs to stop. This is not only the wars around the world but the people who create their own private war by flashing their guns murdering innocent people.
We all need to feel safe. And this all needs to start with realising by having a gun means you intend to murder – pre meditated murder.
Guns are violent – guns are dangerous. You only have to ask the numerous families who have been left grieving as a result of guns being misused.
Say no to violence – say no to guns.
Everyone is entitled to live safe.
Happy Celeritism


Victim Mentality

What I hate the most are people who cause massive trouble and then play the victim. These are people who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.
The trouble maker who makes out they are the victim invariably cause anguish for the people who are the true victims. I had such an event happen to me recently. I had something unforgiveable occur and the person who caused all the problems has over played victim by turning the whole incident, actually it was two incidents against me and in their favour giving a reason so beyond acceptability it has made me cringe.
Victim Mentality – It is for this reason, having happened before – for switching a situation – that I take self promoting victims lightly until I know it is genuine. My sympathy is not so easily or freely given anymore.
Be ware of people promoting themselves as victims. Are these self proclaimed victims genuine or just trying to escape taking responsibility for their actions?
Be careful don’t be sucked into these type of peoples whims because you may find yourself in the same situation as I have been in where suddenly I have been made to feel guilty for doing nothing more than being the recipient of some one else’s behaviour.
These people are self destructive and eventually in a close knit peer group they are eventually exposed.
Stay away from the person who promotes ‘Victim’ resulting from their own actions.
Happy Celeritism


The Church’s dictatorship of Family

The church does not dictate what family is to me. The ideals many churches hold are biased and out dated. In my family I do not teach hatred toward peoples choices of being in same sex relationships. My family is not exposed to superstitious beliefs which have no basis. Or ignorant god sciences based on lack of education.
My family accepts the many people who treat us well; we will not give our time to people who consider us evil because we do not hold their godly thinking.
We will not be placed in a hypocritical box sanctioned by the church where the thinking is dangerous and narrow minded.
Many of the church systems are becoming out of control wanting to take control of political thinking, placing women secondary in this world.
The church does not hold all the answers and in fact – their facts are out dated superstitious dogma which holds no place in my home.
Many members of the church are victims of this system so I don’t hold them accountable. The members have been brainwashed through the tool of fear suggesting hell awaits them if they don’t comply. I don’t hold them responsible because they fear something they have been led to believe is true but instead I have sympathy for them because they have not been able to find a way out.
Don’t support the short mindedness of the church.
Support freedom, love, equality, and moral thinking as your guide without any godly threats attached.
Happy Celeritism


Senate inquiry into school chaplaincy in Australia

I have an Australian article I would like to share and if you are able to contribute please contact Ron Williams.
From the author:
Today, via an article I’ve written and published in The King’s Tribune and a 24 minute video produced by Ron, Ron Williams has announced his intention to push for a Senate inquiry into school chaplaincy. Mr Williams would like the Senate to investigate why a program for which funding was never properly authorised has continued for eight years despite being ruled invalid in two High Court cases. He would like the Senate to consider how successive governments have expended nearly half a billion taxpayers’ dollars on a program based on no research and no measurable performance indicators. The government has not expended one cent on research to evaluate the effectiveness of this program – which suggests their interest in keeping chaplaincy alive is unrelated to the best interests of children.

Looking at the history of the program, it is apparent the government and its ministers have been willing to flout or push the limits of the law in order to pander to the religious right and keep chaplains in schools. This, despite the opposition of mental health experts and representatives of the country’s major parent and teacher organisations.

Already, whistleblowers (specifically former chaplains and public servants) who are eager to testify at a Senate inquiry. Ron is anxious to encourage others who have had negative experiences with this program – either as students, teachers, chaplains or government administrators – to step forward to tell their story.

If you are interested in covering or promoting this story, Ron can be contacted at – but you will find most of your questions answered in the video.

If you are involved in a secular/humanist/atheist/rationalist organisation, please encourage your members to send the link to the movie and article to their Senate representative and demand a Senate inquiry into school chaplaincy.

If you are a politician or senator, please consider the points raised in the article and support an inquiry.

The King’s Tribune article is here: The politics of Australian religion by Chrys Stevenson – Ron’s movie on the somewhat sordid history of the National School Chaplaincy Program is at the end of the article.

With kind regards
Chrys Stevenson, BA (Hons I)
Freelance writer, blogger, speaker, social activist


James Foley’s executioner named

It is appalling to learn that a Rapper from a West London suburb is suspected of being James Foley’s executioner. He is a 23 year old man named Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary – also known as Jihadi John. Apparently there are a few more yet to be identified.
It is people like this who should be caught and expelled from society. I am against violence and it irks me that these people think because of their religious thinking it is okay to violently murder another person. His name and photo should be out there so people can report him – if he is seen.
This former rapper considered murdering a more suitable occupation than being a rapper. What is this world coming to?
Again, as I have said so many times between a lot of religious leaders being caught being guilty of paedophilia and others murdering for their god. It is all too simple to say this world is fucked up. I don’t normally swear, but I really cannot find a stronger word.
All religions should be disbanded and made illegal for their genocide and lack of morality to humanity.
Happy Celeritism – A world of peace, harmony and equality…


The Earth opens up in Mexico

It is very puzzling why, without warning, a huge crack appeared in farmland west coast of Mexico. There is obviously a logical explanation for this particular phenomenon. The earth exists in a revolving evolution of mass changes in the land and there are probably many uncovered fault lines, which the one in Mexico has opened up.
Recently there have been numerous sink holes happen in different locations around the world. Some scientist have put these sink holes down to climate change. I’m not so convinced.
Over the many billions of years earth has experienced many changes. Besides the recorded ice ages and volcanos and so on, it is very possible these sink holes and crevices opening up on the planet are the result of previous layer changes on the earth’s surface.
Pockets of air have been known to exist below the surface and for some logical reason or other the top layer of earth eventually fails to support these pockets causing what is known as sink holes. Equally, I would think, the various shifts in the planet could cause a pressure below the surface which eventually gives way creating the crevice as seen in Mexico – known as fault lines.
I don’t think there is a great deal we can do about planetary surface changes but to study it more closely without the frenzy of climate change and truly understand the natural movements.
We are ignorant of our planet in understanding its many changes. By being locked in the current fad of climate change, it is causing a true understanding of our planet to be understood.
Happy Celeritism


Could the World End?

Is it possible the world could find itself so badly destroyed by war and fighting that civilization could no longer be sustained as it has been in its present technological form?
This is not about any religious world end that is just a fear monger technique to keep the believers believing.
What would happen if the world came to a massive end because of war, life would start back like the hunters and gathers where knowledge would be lost and have to be re learnt. There is evidence knowledge has plummeted, been lost, several times in history. The knowledge of the pyramids was lost. The knowledge of all the tremendous advancements from the Roman Empire was lost and had to be reinvented and rediscovered – Then the massive catalyst of the Dark Ages where religion and the worship of god took control of the civilization and turned it into a superstitious society based on mythology. A generation or two of false superstition and mythology would be enough to turn the hands of progress back to zero.
This is something we need to be seriously careful about. We have entered into a technological age where information is stored in hyperspace and this could impact civilization if the systems collapsed. It would mean society would need to revert back to the beginning and with knowledge lost would mean a new start – A new start that could be corrupted by fairy tales.
Give it some thought; the average person would have no idea how to survive without the convenience of the supermarket for survival. For that matter the easy access to electricity and water. Could you survive knowing you had to do it all yourself without the internet for advice? Imagine if countries started bombing by whatever means back and forth – what would be saved. How many people of the necessary level to rebuild would survive? It is a horrible thought.
We need to protect our world. So my advice is, if you hold a gun – put it down. If you are asked to murder and destroy – think for yourself and refuse. Do not fight an argument for someone else; instead target to preserve life for all.
Let’s contribute to Ending War without fighting
Happy Celeritism