Easter Sunday

ImageAre you enjoying today. Everything is closed. Just like Good Friday everything is closed. Whatever is open are charging surcharge just to serve, or at least many eateries where I live.

This has not stopped me enjoying and relaxing today. I have had a really slow day. I even had a nap this afternoon and I feel regenerated. I love eating chocolates and the good thing about Easter is there are plenty of chocolates. The funny thing is chocolates, eggs and bunnies have nothing to do with the Christians belief of Jesus rising from the dead today. In fact it is probably good because it allows us people who think the whole rising from the dead a crock – real or symbolically – is ridiculous and can at least enjoy the chocolates.

I think it is great how the pagans – the non believers – slipped over the border something as fun as Easter bunnies, eggs and chocolates. And funnier still the majority of Christians partake in the chocolate fare.

So I hope your day has been as relaxing as mine and I hope you have eaten heaps of chocolates because at least one day a year – you can – without the guilt.

Happy Celeritism


Holiday Weekend

ImageAre you one of the lucky people who are having a holiday weekend? If so you should make the most of it. It doesn’t make any difference if you live where it is sunny and dry or it is wet and windy. Having time off to enjoy being alive can be done anywhere.

Our bodies need rest. Our bodies need time to recoup – And if you don’t have time off then save this advice for when you can take charge of a couple of days of relaxation.

Our bodies like all organic and mechanical things – need a rest, a pause. So we can function in peak form we need to give our bodies a few days here and there to show we appreciate how it performs for us. You don’t have to do anything significant even just a stroll to a local coffee shop or bar to relax. You don’t need to have someone with you, although company is great but not essential.

It is about time out. Grab a magazine and read about how other people live. Day dream and imagine yourself as some mighty hero. Or if you live in a cold area, sit by a flicking fire with chocolates. Yes this weekend should be full of chocolates and that is for everyone even if you are working. Chocolate is the only way I can justify Easter because I love chocolate and I have an excuse to eat it.

Most importantly have time out for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it. Make the most of your life but most importantly give your body time to recharge so you can make the most of your life.

Happy Celeritism


Good Friday

ImageToday Christians mourn the death of Jesus from the first century of the Common Era. Do you?

Easter is an interesting topic and one which has always fascinated me. It is a day which has captured the attention of millions and yet it is a day which is of little sense. Countries shut down today in recognition of a tradition so long held it is hard to escape.

For non believers it is a day of frustration. Just about everything is closed and the places that are open bump up a surcharge for service. I have little problem celebrating a day in remembrance of something truly special but coming to a halt for a man who may or may not have existed over 2000 years ago is stretching the limits too far.

The bottom line is this is about a man in the first century who claims he was sacrificed by his own father and then rose from that death three days later. This signified he was the son of god – A god who took credit for murdering his own son.

What message does that send? Murdering your son is Ok? And yet millions of people flock to worship this murderous god. The additional catch is this man rose from death. And what puzzles me that so many people believe this is true. Some people are even highly intellectually intelligent degree holding individuals. Immediately this says a lot for a lot of scholastic people – not all, just some (the some which discredits the rest of us).

How can you justify such dumbery? The whole concept is so archaic. I could understand an illiterate individual shielded away from knowledge and sciences to fall for such ludicrousity but the average educated person – it leaves me speechless.

It is bad enough believing a virgin woman falling pregnant to a godly ghost but then saying a man rose from death and then claiming to be said godly ghost’s son is so ridiculous it questions the mental stability of millions of people.

It can’t be denied it is the brilliant marketing tool of the church – The church using the biggest weapon of all – Fear. People will just about believe anything because of Fear.

Please don’t be fooled by such ridiculous claims, this is 2014 and not the first century of the Common Era. Stand tall in your own rational thinking and realize how ridiculous the claims are made by the church.

The only way I can get my head around any of this is to realize that perhaps the fictional Jesus was a representative of the first century Jewish slaughter when thousands of people were executed. During the first century of the Common Era hanging on a cross was the method used for criminals who mostly consisted of the Jewish people.

Do yourself a favour read the bible! I mean read it like a book from Genesis to Revelation. Don’t pick out pretty pieces as the church does but read it as a story. The biggest problem with godly followers is they have not read the bible this way and most of them have not read any of it even the verses. Because once you read it you will start to wonder if the bible is actually warning you against god rather than promoting it because it shows you very closely how much he murders and has little consideration for humanity who are commanded to worship him. And remember when you read how god wins the battle over the other gods who were the Pharaoh Kings of antiquity, it would take a cruel and nasty god to win such a battle. Therefore people are worshiping a cruel and nasty god for no good reason at all, except for the churches today to extract as much money from you while at the same time controlling you and your rational thinking.

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Happy Celeritism
(Celeritism is based on rational thinking and science)



ImageDo you suffer with nervous conditions? I think everyone in their life time does experience at one time or another bout of nerves. It is part of our emotional makeup. But what about those of you, who have nerves of steel, how do you cope? I bet you too have had a moment of nervous weakness.

I have had to speak in public on numerous occasions and it has taken a great deal of training to keep my nerves in check. Now I approach public situations more casually. I no longer try to perfect the situation but instead flow with it. And I do have a catch of cue cards on hand.

But what about the other nerves like going to the dentist or waiting for doctors results from tests. They are the type of nervous situation which can eat at you. I have this thinking and it has always worked for me. Often when I have had to have medical tests I do have inkling if something is not right. My body seems to signal to me if I need to panic or really panic. So I have come to the conclusion I will only get droned over with nerves if the results lead to a terminal situation. If it is an operable or medicine cured illness then I will program my brain to focus on getting well.

I am a stubborn person and I hate being sick in fact I have to be dragged screaming to the doctors. This is both good and bad. Bad if my body was harbouring something very wrong with me and good because I keep a positive outlook and am not crippled by being sick.
Think about it how much of our sicknesses are because we think it is. Sick that is. So take my advice keep a happy healthy positive outlook. Listen to your body signals and seek medical help when you know something is wrong and don’t succumb to your nerves because you are scared of what you could be told.

As for nerves when associating yourself with other people like in speeches or in parties or crowds then just remember other people are probably more nervous talking to you than you are to them.

Happy Celeritism



ImageBeing over perfect in your life can be dangerous. This danger exists in your overall health and quality of life.

From the perfectionist point of view nothing is ever right. They always find something wrong with a situation. I use to be a perfectionist once it lasted for more years than I care to remember. When someone came into my home I would tidy up behind them. If they sat on the lounge I would be fixing things around them. I would want them to leave so I could tidy up after them and this made me stress constantly causing me not to enjoy the company of my visitors.

In a way it is like a disease. Being a compulsive tidier or cleaner is not a good state of health to be in. Additionally I use to spend hours getting ready to go out at night. I envied people who could just throw on clothes and go.

I use to spend hours getting ready, starting in the afternoon for an evening event. I had to clean up after getting ready so everything was perfect when I got home. Now that I think back I wasted a lot of time, energy and health on perfectionism.

The downside is I have now gone the complete opposite. Maybe to some people it is normal but I don’t run around as I use to and as particular as I was. I can leave a mess now for a day or two or week. I don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink but I do leave clothes on the chair, something I could never stand to do.

I don’t know how it changed, it did gradually. It was probably exhaustion but I think it was the people around me who embarrassed me to change. It doesn’t make any difference I am glad it has changed. Order and method controlled my life and I forgot to live. At my fault I wasted a lot of years.

Please, don’t be as I was. Life is very short. If you don’t clean today, then do it tomorrow or as I now have adopted – once a week. I still can’t stand a bed unmade and as I said dishes must be washed but I have stopped daily washing of everything I think has been contaminated. This is how silly I was, if I took a piece of clothing from my cupboard while deciding what to wear I would wash it rather than fold it and put it back – insane I know. It is the changing of those silly insane things which has freed up most of my time. I still struggle with visitors but even that is becoming more relaxed.

My advice to you, if you are a perfectionist then for the sake of your health and well being practice step by step letting go of some of your insane idiosyncrasies to be perfect. In the end you are the person who suffers the most.

Happy Celeritism


Mobile Phones

ImageAre you a prisoner to your mobile Phone? Do you find yourself carrying yours around and even run back home when you realize you left it in the bathroom at home.

Mobile phones are an obsession. Technology as a whole is an obsession. There are very few people who have escaped this addiction.

Can you go for one day without your mobile phone? Try it – I did and I failed. I did it for one day and realized I depended upon my phone more than I should. Mobile phones are like Time Awareness, we must do things in a certain time frame. Mobile phones are something most of us feel we must have with us all the time in case an important call is missed.

How healthy is it having that mobile phone at your ears as often as we do. Mobile phone Free Days is a thing worth considering.

There is no doubt improvements in technology will occur and it will be less conflicting against our health. But in the meantime it is about being sensible and realizing a time out from mobile phones is a healthy recommendation.

Don’t be a slave to your mobile phone. Adopt a system of having times in the day your mobile phone is neatly put away. With caller ID systems it is not as necessary to be at the ready when a call comes in. Return calls are just as easy as picking up on first ring in.

Happy Celeritism


Controlling Parents

ImageIt is the responsibility of parents to nurture and guide a child from birth. Parents have a great deal of responsibility toward ensuring their child/children are cared for both physically and mentally. Giving good advice and showing by example is an important role for parents.

Children progressing into teenagers are probably the greatest challenge a parent has to achieve. For them to adapt to the changes in their lives and the obstacles they face can be rather heart wrenching.

The best parents can do is advise and guide. Smothering a teenager and keeping them wrapped up in cotton wool will not prepare them for the world waiting for them. Some parents panic and want to control everything their teenager does.

Controlling your mature child can seem beneficial initially and by all appearances seem to be working but very often like a volcano below the surface, it is bubbling. If you want your young adult children to do what you think you want them to do then you need to be a bit savvy.

Allow your teenager freedom. Allow them to understand the world they are stepping into. It is important for them to learn sometimes by trial and error. Afterall the world can sometimes be daunting and cruel.

Now the subject here is about the line between a controlling parent and a supportive parent. A controlling parent suffocates to the point of rebellion. Now you don’t want rebellion, you want some sort of balance/normality if that is even remotely possible in burning teenage/young adult years.

Parents can have it both ways. Keep your distance and yet know what is going on. Parents do learn some very sneaky things. Kids don’t need to ever know your technique.

When I said allow your teenager freedom, this is what I mean. When they ask to go out, instead of scrutiny be a little cool about it. Ask the usual, where, what time and when they are expected home. Let it flow. Be aware of how they dress, who they hang out with and how they conduct themselves. DON’T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS.

Remember teenagers go through learning and experimental stages so even if they do things you don’t like, unless it is big like drugs and hurting someone then let it go. Let them learn. Ignore the words you overhear because if you don’t then they will go somewhere where they can.

Let them bring friends home, let the friends stay over. Remember a party in your house is better than one where you don’t know what is happening. When they have friends over, don’t stand over them or feel you need to be chatting to them. Go to bed.

This is such a difficult thing to do but this basic advice will give you a high chance of your kid getting through all the stuff they need to get through and still be at home so you know what is going on.

Ignoring what you hear is difficult but unless there is danger then let it go. Even alcohol can be a phase. Let them try and let them learn. Many young adults today don’t drink as much as people think and ones that do are generally from families who are so strict it is more like a trophy until it becomes an addiction.

You can only do your job as a parent to a certain point and then you must let them learn but remember a parent is always a parent. Always have an understanding ear not an angry one. Always be compassionate not cruel. Don’t make rules which prove impossible to keep.

Then you might find they think home is too good and never want to leave. And that is better than not knowing what they are up to or if they are safe because children from controlling parents often end up going too wild.

Happy Celeritism